My Screenplays AND TELEPLAYS


Time Tourists sales sheet

In this off the wall scI-fi comedy, the FORGISTOS, a dysfunctional time-traveling family, are accidentally transported from the future to the present.  With the U.S. army in hot pursuit, they must somehow find a way to return home or they'll unintentionally trigger a "much bigger bang."


What's Yours is Mine sales sheet

In this terse psychological thriller, KATHRYN and BRANDON hire TERI, a recent college graduate, as a surrogate. Teri moves into their house and it soon becomes clear that she has designs on Brandon and the  baby.  Kathryn must find a way to thwart Teri, preserve her marriage and protect her  unborn child.


City General sales sheet

In this stark sci-fi/fantasy drama set in the near  future, JAD and LIN live in a hermetically-sealed hospital and spend most of their waking lives in virtual reality environments.  Jad yearns for freedom and he and Lin attempt to escape the tyranny of FATHER, an Artificial Intelligence bent on preventing "contamination." 


Tickets sales sheet

In this comedy/caper, BEN SEEGER, a maverick high school teacher who is involved in an illicit lottery scam, falls for ANNIE D'AMICO, a whip-smart tax auditor.  When Ben realizes he can't betray her trust, while facing possible prison time if he comes clean, he must  make a choice between love or money.


NTSB sales sheet

In this one-hour procedural TV series, under relentless public scrutiny, FRANK CRIPPEN and his NTSB team must determine the cause of baffling transportation crashes, encountering horrendous carnage and heart-wrenching tragedy, often themselves paying a steep personal cost. 


Disturbed sales sheet

In this one-hour procedural TV series, eccentric FBI field investigator TOM RAPPAPORT works closely with his investigative team to solve homicides that have baffled other investigators. Insubordinate and aloof, Tom has a shocking secret he must hide that's the reason for his success.